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Student Driver Parking Permits

Student Parking Information SY2021-22

Currently there are no parking spaces available to be assigned.  Students can submit all required paperwork and they will be placed on a waiting list should a space become available.  The permit fee will be collected when the space can be assigned.
** Enforcement of Student Parking Permits begins Monday 9/13/21 - All students must have their parking permit displayed to be allowed to park on campus **
  • You must be a Senior or Junior to be eligible to apply for a parking permit.
  • Consideration for a parking permit will be based upon the following priorities:
    • 1st  priority:   Seniors in school related programs (e.g. Co-Op, College Waiver, Principal’s Waiver) 
    • 2nd priority: Seniors who are involved in extracurricular activities
    • 3rd priority: Juniors who are involved in extracurricular activities
    • 4th priority:    Seniors who work after school and leave school to go directly to their place of employment.
    • 5th priority:   Juniors who work after school and leave school to go directly to their place of employment.
    • 6th priority:   Seniors without specific needs.
    • 7th priority:   Juniors without specific needs.
  • Students may NOT have an outstanding student debt, all debts must be ‘settled’ prior to being issued a Student Parking Permit.
  • Students interested in applying for a parking permit must view the following:2021-22 Student Parking Permit Information AND complete the La Plata High School
    Student Parking Permit Rules, Regulations, and Expectations Quiz
    earning a score of at least 83%.
  • Students MUST complete the La Plata High School Student Parking Permit Application.
  • Students must enter their vehicle information into on-line 2021-2022 La Plata High School Student Parking Vehicle Registration form.
  • The completed application and copies of the required documents must be either scanned and e-mailed to Mr. Craley  [  ] or a hardcopy provided to him.

Students must bring their cash or check (payable to La Plata High School) for the $30 processing fee to the school.  We do not currently have an online payment option to use credit or debit card, but it may be made available in the future.  Mr. Craley will verify all information and issue the Student Parking Permit at that time.

The following are required to obtain a parking permit on campus:

  • Print/Fill Out & Sign Parking Permit Application
  • Submit Parking Vehicle Registration Form (online form submission)
  • Complete Expectations Quiz (online submission - 10/12 or better required score to pass)
  • Submit copy/ picture of Driver's License, MVA Vehicle Registration, Proof of Insurance for Vehicle
  • Must be school debt free
  • Parking permit fee $30 (cash or check payable to La Plata HS)

Questions?  See Mr. Craley or contact him at