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Library Media Center

The school media center is open from 7:15 am until 2:45 pm daily.  We do stay open until 3:15 or as late as 4:15 on some days. Check the sign by the door for the day's hours as it changes daily. We are open for the entire PRIDE time, sign in and get to work.  Cell phones are not allowed in the library unless your class is here to do a BYOD activity. No cell phones is the policy throughout the entire day including PRIDE time. A wide variety of books and other materials are available for student and staff use. Check out these sites for useful information.

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DESTINY - The La Plata High School Library Catalog.  You can use this at home or school.  Students: to log on use your student ID and your first name.  Teachers use your email login to log on.

OFFICE 365 - Click on the link to use office 365 from home.

COSMOS - The catalog for Southern Maryland public libraries.

DIGITAL LIBRARY RESOURCES - A comprehensive list of multi-media resources us just a click away. Included are encyclopedias, reference books, graphics, periodicals, primary sources, and digital videos. Ask a libarian or a teacher for the login and password to access these resources from home.

OSLIS - A guide for high school students on the Research Process, Information Evaluation, Citing Sources and more.

** Use our databases and the information is cited for you.  Use the following to help you cite those other sources. **

Citation Machine - Provides help with creating proper citation formats for MLA, APA, Chicago and Turabian style.

Easy Bib - Provides help with proper citation formats for MLA.

Recipes4Success - Provides help with proper citation formats for MLA or APA.

Citefast - Provides help with proper citation formats for MLA, APA and Chicago.

Discovery Channel

Arts and Entertainment Television

The Learning Channel


CNN Newsroom

Library of Congress

Sailor - Information on Maryland and links to many other Maryland libraries.

American Library Association

ASCD - The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development has many connections at this site.

U.S. Department of Education - Links to many government sources for educators.

Podcast Sway