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Course Selection

Important documents needed for scheduling and course selection for the 2024-25 school year

The course selection process for the 2024-25 school year will begin January 8th for current 9th, 10th and 11th grade students. Students will receive  copies of Course Selection sheets and instructions during  English classes.  Students will have one week to receive signatures for course recommendations for the 2024-25 school year from teachers .  School Counselors met with students in grade level assemblies to review the outlined information regarding the Course  Selection period.  Students will have the opportunity to make appointments with their Counselor to address individual questions or concerns. Appointments can be made with the Counseling Secretary, Mrs. Posey, during the first week of Course Selections. Students may also schedule appointments at Counselors will also have individual meetings with each student to review the student's course selections during English class for all grade levels. 

Applications for Dual Enrollment, Full-time College Waiver, Principal’s Waiver, Fire/Rescue and Early Graduation are anticipated to be provided by the 10th and 11th grade counselor at the meeting held during the student's class to discuss their Course Request. 

Below are important resources and information regarding courses and programs available for next year. The student's selections MUST be submitted to the Counseling Department by February 9.

The course selection process for current 8th grade students varies by school.  For information about specific scheduling timelines at each middle school, please contact your child's middle School Counselor.   

How to change Teacher Recommendations:  Have a parent write a note to the School Counselor to notify the Counselor of the desired course and level. This document will suffice for validating what course you desire to take next year. This applies to changes for core academic classes (A level, Honors and AP level), not the elective courses; as the elective recommendations are only recommendations and students are not locked in to those options.

High School Program of Studies: A useful tool to explain classes offered at LPHS and CCPS schools.

Graduation Pathway Options:   A useful one-pager listing graduation pathways at LPHS.


Class of 2025: 12th Grade Course Selection PowerPoint

Class of 2025 Course Selection Form 

12th Grade Course Selection Instructions (Current 11th Grade Students)

12th Grade Graduation Pathways

Principal Waiver Application

Principal Waiver Contract

Dual Enrollment Application 

Full Time College Waiver Application

Fire and Rescue Application

Apprenticeship Maryland

School Counselor: K. Reamy, Dept. Chair,

Class of 2026: 11th Grade Course Selection PowerPoint

Class of 2026 Course Selection Form

11th Grade Course Selection Instructions (Current 10th Grade Students)

11th grade Graduation Pathways

Fire and Rescue Application

Application to Graduate Early

School Counselor: C. Gladden, 

Class of 2027: 10th Grade Course Selection PowerPoint

Class of 2027 Course Selection Form

10th Grade Course Selection Instructions (Current 9th Grade Students)

10th grade Graduation Pathways

School Counselor: T. Harper,

Class of 2028: 9th Grade Course Selection PowerPoint Instructions 

Class of 2028 Course Selection Form (this form is for reference only, selections will be made at the middle school level)

9th Grade Course Selection Instructions (Current 8th Grade Students)

9th grade Graduation Pathways

School Counselor:   A. Pherson,  

Course Powerpoints, Videos and Information



Yearbook Application

World Language

Computer Science 

AP Human Geography

Domestic and Global Issues

PLTW Biomedical Sciences

Teacher Academy of Maryland (TAM)

Physical Education- Weight Training I, II, III

Fine & Performing Arts
Audition Intent 21-22

Audition Rubric 21-22

Band Letter

Orchestra Letter

Improv Club

LPHS Thespian Society Flyer

Theater Offerings

More resources students may need or have interest in:  

Virtual Academy Brochure

Virtual Academy Information

Dual Enrollment (CSM)

Fulltime College Waiver (CSM)

Principal's Early Release Waiver

Fire Emergency Medical Training I/II

Academic programs offered to LPHS Students

Want to know more: Go here and click on the tab "Programs by School": 

What is Career and Technology Education (CTE)?

Career Technology and Education Courses at LPHS (please see the program of studies for the pre-requisites and explanation of courses taken in each track/program)

Apprenticeship Maryland (new)

Business Management and Finance

Career Research and Development (CRD)

Computer Science

Maryland Fire and Rescue Cadet Program 

Navy ROTC (NJROTC) (new)

PLTW Biomedical Sciences

PLTW Pathway to Engineering

Prostart Food and Beverage Management (new)

Teacher Academy of Maryland (TAM)

Apply to the below programs in 10th grade,
during the end of 1st semester

Career and Technology Education (CTE) at Stethem Educational Center 

Automotive Technician flyer
Automotive Technician (course information)
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning flyer
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (course information)
Interactive Media Production flyer
Interactive Media Production (course information)
Pharmacy Technician flyer
Pharmacy Technician (course information)
Physical Rehabilitation flyer
Physical Rehabilitation (course information)